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All selectables listed below are processed data items with calibration values applied.
Please select start and end dates for the data set:  There are no data sets available prior to 1 May 2000.
On 11/15/2016 data acquisition operations were DISCONTINUED at COVE. No additional data is available after this date.
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Mean Min Max Std Dev
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Instrument Descriptions
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COVE-BSRN Quality Assured Data
The COVE data items given below have undergone extensive analysis and quality assurance procedures.
They are the same data elements that are submitted to WRMC-BSRN.
Downwelling SW Global Downwelling SW Direct Downwelling SW Diffuse Downwelling LW Global  
Upwelling LW Global Upwelling SW Global
Radiometric Measurements
These data items are preliminary and have not undergone extensive quality checking.
SW Direct #1 SW Diffuse #1 SW Global #1 Calculated Global #1
SW Direct #2 SW Diffuse #2 SW Global #2 Calculated Global #2
LW Diffuse B&W Pyranometer PAR #1 PAR #2
Sky Temperature
MFRSR#1 Direct Normal MFRSR#1 Diffuse MFRSR#1 Total
MFRSR#2 Direct Normal MFRSR#2 Diffuse MFRSR#2 Total
UVMFRSR Direct Normal UVMFRSR Diffuse UVMFRSR Total
LW Irradiance SW Irradiance Sea Surface Temperature MFRSR Spectral Irradiance

Microwave Radiometer
Integrated Water Vapor Integrated Liquid Water Water Vapor Profile

In-situ Aerosols Instrumentation
Nephelometer Electric Aerosol Detector Condensation Particle Counter
Aethalometer - black carbon Aethalometer - optical attenuation Aethalometer - airflow

Meteorological Measurements
Temperature Relative Humidity Rain Sensor Barometric Pressure
Wind Speed Wind Direction

Derived Values
Lowest Cloud Base Height Black Carbon Absorption Aerosol Scattering f(RH)  
Long Cloud Parameter
All available selected data items will be assembled into one time synchronized output file.
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